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1983 Birth Mainz (West-Germany)
1983-1999 school career and adolescence Gau-Algesheim
1999-2000 vocational preparation digital- and printmedia Mainz
2000-2002 Two Years apprenticeship Mediadesign Mainz
since 2003 occasionally working as modeller and painter Frankfurt am Main
since 2004 University of applied sciences Wiesbaden
2005 / 2006 Internship at PeterPaulandMary Berlin
2006 / 2007 Internship at 3deLuxe Wiesbaden
since 2007 working as a Freelance Designer near you
2010 Diploma Communication Design Wiesbaden

I like

the sound of ice cubes in a glass, fresh snow, Rock`n´Roll, Swing, morning light, sandblasted glass, swimming, tiramisu, roadtrips, improvement though improvisation, watching people, forceful style, dry and subtile humor, good friends, talking, laughing. loving.


is neither arty self-purpose nor marketing subservient,
it is about function, communication and most of all:
make things look awesome!